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Through Sounds

Substack newsletter (London, 2023-)

A newsletter featuring writing about listening and sonic environments. A testing ground for ideas and a home for conversations with musicians, artists and scientists using sound in their practice to explore issues relating to landscape, culture and climate change.

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Suelo Sueño Suena (Ground Dream Sounds)

Photos, audio, pamphlet / Exhibition (Reading, 2023)

Photo, audio and text-based work exploring the relationship between sound and water in the Atacama Desert, Chile, exhibited at Seeds - a group show at the nexus of art and ecology at Hypha Studios / Oracle in Reading in September 2023.


Suelo Sueño Suena: A sonic lecture

Text, audio, photos / Artist talk (Reading, 2023)

A sonic lecture expanding on the ideas behind Suelo Sueño Suena (Ground Dream Sounds), delivered at Seeds in Reading on 9th September 2023. Featuring sound recordings and photographs from the Atacama Desert in Chile, the lecture investigated how sound can create counter narratives to extraction and aridity in the desert.


Echo Location
Cassette tape, pamphlet / Release (Scotland, 2022)

Echo Location is a 14-track compilation, featuring original compositions by seven musicians, producers and sound designers, based on a sample pack of field recordings made by Anton Spice on an island in the Scottish Hebrides. The project sought to open a dialogue between each musician’s practice and imaginaries of a place as experienced through sound alone.

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Echo Location: A Listening Event

Reel-to-reel tape, stereo sound  / Exhibition (London, 2022)

An exhibition and listening event at Staffordshire Street gallery in Peckham, London, featuring a full playback of the Echo Location compilation from reel-to-reel tape on a 6-speaker analogue sound system, presented alongside photographs and research materials.



Website, audio (Isle of Muck, 2021)

A collaborative project documenting the details of texture and sound in remote environments, based on material gathered and created over 5 months on Isle of Muck, Scotland. Featuring soundscapes, sound archive and mixes.

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Music journalism

Ongoing (Freelance since 2020 -)

Interviews with artists and writing about sound and environmental issues for music magazines, including features on seismic vibrations for Electronic Sound, sustainability in the vinyl industry for Disco Pogo and the art of listening for Sonic Acts. See my website for full details.

Suelo Sueño Suena, 2023
Through Sounds, 2023-
Echo Location, 2022
Isles, 2021
Music jounalism, Ongoing
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